Standalone Colorable MW2 Juggernaut (J.I. Defense Solutions)

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Standalone Colorable MW2 Juggernaut (J.I. Defense Solutions)

  • Suggested by: [DATA THE EXPUNGED]
  • Submitted: 6 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if anyone would be kind enough to rip the MW2 Juggernaut model from the J.I. Defense Solutions addon and give it its own download.  Unlike the original that has been around for years, this model variant has the neat capability of being color customized.

Before it can be ripped and released, however, the model has an issue with assuming a "t-esque-position" whenever it is equipped when the user dies.  I'd like to assume it could be remedied by "grafting" the colorizable skin onto a normal Juggernaut model, but I am unsure about that.

I appreciate a moment of your time--I will provide several screenshots and a link to the Workshop addon.  Thank you kindly!




J.I. Defense Solutions link:

Screenshot demonstration #1: "Birds of a feather..."

Screenshot demonstration #2: "Puny sailor"

Screenshot demonstration #3:  "The Semi-Adequate Morphing Power Juggs"