Ragdoll Prop Cars

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Ragdoll Prop Cars

  • Suggested by: RiP
  • Submitted: 4 years ago
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Hey, this is my first request. So far I haven't seen any requests about this so I'm making one now.

I wouldn't mind seeing ragdoll prop cars with parts that have physics (meaning I can physgun a door and move it, or the steering wheel).

The reason I'm suggesting this is because I am a Henry's Animation Tool user and HAT (Henry's Animation Tool) will not snapshot any changes made with the Joint or the Advanced Bone tool. Hence I proposed the cars have parts where I can move them with the physgun or the Ragdoll Mover.

You can message me on Discord @RiPSHiT#6340 for further questions.

If you can get them, and have already ported them with what I need (physgun parts like hood, steering wheel, wheels, trunk, doors,) message me on aforementioned pages or upload them here or the Steam Workshop and inform me when they have been uploaded.

There's only 5 Saints Row cars I want and if you can get it with it's custom parts as bodygroups and as well as the car body and interior be colorable (advanced color tool might be able to handle that.) that'd be great, but custom parts are purely optional. Take your time porting these, and when you've ported these with the things I need (ragdoll parts that I can use the physgun/Ragdoll Mover on) then inform me at the aforementioned pages. (and not the below ones)




There's a FBI version called the "Interest" so porting that and allowing car colors to be changed and thus adds a stock, normal Crown Victoria knockoff. I still wouldn't mind the Taxi variant below.


And lastly a Volkswagen Jetta knockoff:


Thanks again!