Keep up to date with the latest changes to the site.

6th January 2016

  • Added collections.
  • Tidied up some styles.

25th December 2015

  • Added 'Save for Later' feature.

23rd December 2015

  • New banners.

22nd December 2015

  • New design.

18th December 2015

  • Improved gallery for images.

13th December 2015

  • Moved to new server running php 7 giving huge speed increase.

6th December 2015

  • New header and footer design.
  • Responsive styles including mobile menu.

2nd December 2015

  • Added French translations.

23rd November 2015

  • Added grouped tags page.

17th November 2015

  • Added downloading... page with share links.

1st November 2015

  • Removed Disqus and added Vanilla comments from forum.

31st October 2015

  • Added Vanialla forums.

21st May 2015

  • Removed download donations (unused).
  • Removed user adverts (unused).

6th May 2015

  • Added user adverts.

3rd May 2015

  • Added filtering by type to search.

30th April 2015

  • Added tool to let organisers sort re-uploads easier.

17th April 2015

  • Added Google Adsense ads when logged out.

8th April 2015

  • Added pay-what-you-like system for Verified Uploaders to accept donations.

6th April 2015

  • Change download view to tabs.

2nd April 2015

  • Downloads can now be marked as broken.
  • Can now show 20/50/100 downloads per page on listing pages.
  • Fixed search bar links not being clickable for some.

1st April 2015

  • urls import the download from the old site.
  • Imported downloads scrape info from (thanks to maurits150)

27th March 2015

  • Added the ability to upload as user.
  • Zip's on external URLs now have their contents listed.

25th March 2015

  • Added tag cloud to homepage.
  • Added browse page to list all download types.
  • Some more SEO optimization (breadcrumbs, meta stuff).

24th March 2015

  • Massive database optimization.
  • Added verified uploaders stuff for future use.
  • Fixed largest image versions being cropped.
  • Fixed search results and tidied results page.

23rd March 2015

  • Added sorting on browse and profile pages.
  • Changed online/active to use actual users instead of sessions.
  • Redirect from active! Thanks Garry!
  • Added dark theme (turn on in settings).

21st March 2015

  • Fixed large file uploads giving errors.
  • Fixed errors when updating a download with an uploaded file.
  • Massively SEO optimized the site.
  • Added a sitemap for Google to plunder.
  • Added shadow to embed download button.

20th March 2015

  • Comments on downloads, auto logged-in through Disqus SSO.

19th March 2015

  • Replaced Steam API package with a more reliable one.
  • Fixed small bugs in following/followers pages.
  • Added notifications to profile menu.
  • Added notification when a user starts following you.
  • Increased upload limit to 200MB.
  • Allowed linking to external hosting instead of uploading a zip.
  • Added user following activities to activity feed.
  • Changed to Redis for faster cache performance.
  • Added label to users profiles who follow you.
  • Added online/active users stats to footer.

18th March 2015

  • Site live on!

Todo List

  • API for accessing direct downloads and uploading etc. As needed
  • Filtering by type on applicable browse pages. In future