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Gmod radio sent

Originally uploaded by creec on 20th June 2008 09:33 am

After all bugfixes, finally!
This is a first major release of my Gmod radio sent.
New version changes:
-Completely fixed sound playing bugs
-Added 5 new music
-Removed 2 stupid music
-Made music louder
Short information:
Gmod Radio Sent in addon format with custom mp3 music.
I made a lot of lua modifications and now it:
Plays random music when it is turned On!
Can be turned off permamently by using pistol!
After the music ends it starts another one!
Doesen't need Portal to work as it uses citizenradio model!
Can be modified by adding your own music to sound in gmod!
When you use it it tells you when it is ON by printing messages!
No more music bugs!
Completely fixed autoplay!
Too bad it can't swim, and do not try to teach it!
Plays music louder to keep you warmer company!
This version contains lower quality music for 2 reason
-First they take less HD and can be downloaded fast when joining server with this.
-Second it may be illegal to put full quality music here
So here is current music list:
Still alive, (old)
Bananasphone, (old)
Saves my life, (removed)
Firestarter, (removed)
Redflag, (old)
Bullet, (old)
Memory, (new)
Kinslayer, (new)
Renegade, (new)
Shout, (new)
Paint it black. (new)
So there is 9 different music, but if you are willing to add your favorite music, you can PM me at FP or send me e-mail:
/* */

Remember, this is not originally made by me, this was made by Jeffrey032
and it still has some old lua code by Jeffrey and much is made by me.
So download and enjoy, or complain to discussion thread if something is wrong!
Original discussion thread:
By creec
Heres a radio that simply plays HL2 music, so it doesn't need to be downloaded.
  • Gmod radio sent/
    • info.txt
    • lua/
      • entities/
        • radiox/
          • cl_init.lua
          • init.lua
          • shared.lua
    • sound/
      • music/
        • AlbumArtSmall.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{2CE54D13-0EED-4EFE-B88A-F9245A53299E}_Large.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{2CE54D13-0EED-4EFE-B88A-F9245A53299E}_Small.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{3A69D5B7-C459-417D-9014-8E9DF072A390}_Large.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{3A69D5B7-C459-417D-9014-8E9DF072A390}_Small.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{BDF5030E-DB6C-45EA-BBF0-09A1C83CDE88}_Large.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{BDF5030E-DB6C-45EA-BBF0-09A1C83CDE88}_Small.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{D76CC573-7F0A-497D-B8A5-ED2C0ECBF7D7}_Large.jpg
        • AlbumArt_{D76CC573-7F0A-497D-B8A5-ED2C0ECBF7D7}_Small.jpg
        • bannanasphone.mp3
        • bullet.mp3
        • desktop.ini
        • Folder.jpg
        • kinslayer.mp3
        • memory.mp3
        • paintitblack.mp3
        • put your custom music here.txt
        • redflag.mp3
        • renegade.mp3
        • shout.mp3
        • stillalive.mp3