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The Space Station v2

Originally uploaded by Luke (7) on 29th July 2012 01:35 am

This is the second version of The Space Station with the biggest change/update being the addition of Life-Support systems to the station; see the bottom of this section for a more detailed change-log.
PLEASE NOTE: It is IMPORTANT that the bottom of this section, the ‘Other’ section be read as to ensure full functionality of The Space Station.
This is a rather large, well built, advanced and secure space station. Many additional screenshots have been included within this download.
The Space Station has been designed in such a way that its strongest/greatest attribute is its high-tech security systems.
Hub 1 - This Hub provides access to the Bridge, Emergency Teleporter Room 1, Self-Destruct Room, Engineering, Science, ZPM Room and to the Hub-joining Corridor. Both Hub 1 and Hub 2 contain screens which display the current status of the station, for example, if a Lockdown has been activated.
Hub 2 - This Hub provides access to the Ring Room, Hangar Bay + Dock, Stargate Area and to the Hub-joining Corridor.
Hub-joining Corridor - This corridor joins the 2 Hubs and provides access to the Infirmary, Holding-Cells Area and to Emergency Teleporter Room 2.
Bridge - The Bridge is the central command and control centre of the Space Station; it allows the control of the station’s Life-Support and Resource-Generation systems, Hangar Bays and the Docking area, as well as the Station’s security features, which will be described later in this document, as well as providing various control of other areas of the Space Station.
The Bridge also controls access to the Self-Destruct Room, ZPM Room, Emergency Teleporter Rooms, the Holding-Cells Area and to Engineering. As well as all of this, the Bridge’s General Security console also displays live Alarm statuses; this means that when an alarm is activated, this screen will state in which area that respective alarm was activated.
Engineering - Engineering houses the Life-

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • The Space Station v2 <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • The Space Station v2/
    • data/
      • adv_duplicator/
        • The Space Station v2.txt
    • Read Me.txt
    • Screenshots/
      • 01 Top.jpg
      • 02 Bottom.jpg
      • 03 Front.jpg
      • 04 Front-Right.jpg
      • 05 Right.jpg
      • 06 Right-Back.jpg
      • 07 Back.jpg
      • 08 Back-Left.jpg
      • 09 Left.jpg
      • 10 Left-Front.jpg
      • 11 Front.jpg
      • 12 Bridge 1.jpg
      • 13 Bridge 2.jpg
      • 14 Bridge 3.jpg
      • 15 Bridge 4.jpg
      • 16 Bridge 5.jpg
      • 17 Bridge 6.jpg
      • 18 Emergency Teleporter Room 1.jpg
      • 19 Emergency Teleporter Room 2.jpg
      • 20 Self-Destruct Room.jpg
      • 21 Engineering 1.jpg
      • 22 Engineering 2.jpg
      • 23 ZPM Room.jpg
      • 24 Science.jpg
      • 25 Hub 1.jpg
      • 26 Hub 2.jpg
      • 27 Infirmary 1.jpg
      • 28 Infirmary 2.jpg
      • 29 Ring Room 1.jpg
      • 30 Ring Room 2.jpg
      • 31 Hangar Bay 1.jpg
      • 32 Hangar Bay 2.jpg
      • 33 Hangar Bay + Dock.jpg
      • 34 Stargate Area 1.jpg
      • 35 Stargate Area 2.jpg
      • 36 Stargate Area 3.jpg
      • 37 Stargate Area 4.jpg
      • 38 Stargate Area 5.jpg
      • 39 Stargate Area 6.jpg
      • 40 Stargate Area 7.jpg
      • 41 Holding-Cells Area 1.jpg
      • 42 Holding-Cells Area 2.jpg
      • 43 Holding-Cells Area 3.jpg