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Tactical Css Knife Wooden Grip

Originally uploaded by [H|H] Boba Fett on 24th October 2009 14:26 pm

HD Knife Wooden Grip
The Tactical Knife Now With Wooden Grip
Skin Info
- Wooden Grip
- World Model
- Contains A New Normal Map + Alpha layer mask
- Phonged

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  • Reed Me.txt
  • materials/
    • Models/
      • Weapons/
        • v_models/
          • knife_t/
            • knife_t.vmt
            • knife_t.vtf
            • knife_t_normal.vtf
        • w_models/
          • w_knife_t/
            • w_knife_t.vmt
            • w_knife_t.vtf
            • w_knife_t_exp.vtf
            • w_knife_t_normal.vtf
  • Screenshots/
    • de_dust20004.jpg
    • de_dust20005.jpg
    • de_dust20006.jpg
    • de_dust20009.jpg
    • knife_t.jpg
    • render.jpg

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