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Npc Animation V2

Originally uploaded by James Ramirez (2) on 10th December 2008 15:25 pm

V2 that everybody has waiting for i hope.
Requires: V1 here:
Source SDK

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  • Readme.txt
  • Scenes/
    • aim 1.vcd
    • aim 2.vcd
    • aim 3.vcd
    • alyx climbs.vcd
    • alyx crawls.vcd
    • alyx jumping down.vcd
    • climb rope.vcd
    • climb.vcd
    • cover and shoot aaaa.vcd
    • cover and shoot rrrr.vcd
    • cover and shoot.vcd
    • crouch!.vcd
    • dance!.vcd
    • die!.vcd
    • dog throwing apc.vcd
    • freeze!.vcd
    • getting killed by combine.vcd
    • getting killed.vcd
    • hide just hide.vcd
    • jump from roof.vcd
    • lol.vcd
    • melee attack humans!.vcd
    • nice.vcd
    • police kicking up the door with baton.vcd
    • police kicking up the door with smg.vcd
    • push barrel combine only.vcd
    • reload and sit 2.vcd
    • reload and sit 3 but don't reload.vcd
    • reload and sit.vcd
    • reload animation.vcd
    • ride in ship.vcd
    • sequence kick.vcd
    • sit and jump.vcd
    • sit with wondead.vcd
    • strider deploy.vcd
    • surpirse.vcd
    • take cover!!!.vcd
    • tower watch.vcd
    • U MOST READ THIS!.txt
    • whisper.vcd
    • wounded 1.vcd
    • wounded 2.vcd
    • wounded 3.vcd
    • yaaa!.vcd