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TTT xmas_nipperhouse

Originally uploaded by Predators on 20th July 2011 23:40 pm

I know this map is really awesome if people play in ttt. Not designed by me . As you know the mapper made this map long time ago. But still This map is in favor. Have fun!
  • sound/
    • nippersounds/
      • nm_wonderfulxmastime.wav
      • nm_xmas_bells.wav
      • nm_xmas_futuramahoho.wav
      • nm_xmas_snl.wav
  • maps/
    • graphs/
      • xmas_nipperhouse.ain
    • soundcache/
      • xmas_nipperhouse.cache
    • xmas_nipperhouse.bsp
    • xmas_nipperhouse.nav
    • xmas_nipperhouse.res
    • xmas_nipperhouse_ttt.txt