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Cake's Automatic Gun Machine V

Cake's Automatic Gun Machine V

Originally uploaded by patrick star on 27th November 2009 03:40 am

Hi guys I just made an RP gunshop.
This features:
Chat controlled door.
Adjustable prices.
Four(4) gun slots.
In two of the gu slots you can have either a MP5, G3, AK-47, M4.
It features a console screen interface.
A secure money system.
Never jams.
Big structure.
And neat look.
Video here.
Post a reply if you like it.
Extract all .txt files to garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator.
Wire RP money detector
advanced duplicator
This was made by the cake is a lie, or on the forms ryland, please contact me if you find any bugs or feedback.

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  • cakes automatic gunshop v5.txt
  • Read Me..rtf