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I did not make this map! Mutmank did! I just uploaded it on!
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After the original release of Mutank' gm_flatgrass_nolag, the Gmod community cried out "Give us an optimized version of gm_construct!" And just like that I started to work on gm_construct_nolag. But what does this version of gm_construct offer compared to the original?
- Applied NoDraw on many surfaces (cut down on lag)
- Removed the color room. (Rarely used for anything useful & Ran a LUA Script)
- Redesigned the main building area
- Chopped down on light sources (Sun is now the only light source)
Why did you redesign the building area?
The old building area contained displacements which would only cause leaks in the map. Also, the lake wasn't big enough to create any useful contraptions and was mostly used as a dumping ground for random props. I found it better for contraption builders to have a nice clean flat space to build contraptions. Not only does the new design give you more space to build, you can also build contraptions without the worry of it falling into the lake or flipping over due to a bump.
How much of a performance increase does this version give compared to the old version?
gm_construct - 14.7MB
gm_construct_nolag - 4.79MB
68% Smaller!
Beta testers have reported a 30 FPS increase compared to the original map. But these statistics compare differently since everyone has a different machine. Try the map yourself and see the difference!

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        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • gm_construct_nolag.bsp

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  • gm_construct_nolag.bsp