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Originally uploaded by -|$¢[email protected]ë|- on 28th April 2010 20:52 pm

Here is my v2 of my first suckish AC-130. This one flies in a circle and uses gcombat and a little wiremod. It has a decent tilt to it too.
Hope you like it.
Controls and credits are in the readme. Oops...forgot the requirements. I'll do that.
Military Models pack
Oh yeah, and I need to change the credits because I did it wrong in the readme.
Some credit to the makers of wiremod, gcombat, and military models pack.
You can NOT fly this as in get inside it.
And I forgot the most important thing. To make it circle, press 4
All the controls are on numpad, by the way.
Also, if you have questions, comments, problems or anything, just email me.
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Thank you all for the 385 downloads!
Wow! 1304 downloads! Thanks guys :)

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