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Hello again...
This time i maked one plane!
The WW2 And BI-PLANE is not mine!
I dont know who own them.
But the MIG-15 Plane i maked in 30 minutes!
This is a advanced duplicator file!
Just put it in: steam/steamapps/xxx/garrysmod/garrysmod/data/advanced duplicator...
Requires PHX! Get PHX 1 here:
And PHX 2 here:
If you dont have the advanced duplicator file get it here:
FAQ: You start propeller with Numpad Enter
You start the smoke with Num *
Drive forward with Num 1 and backwards with 3
Go up with Num + and down with Num -
Fly forward with Num 8 and backwards with Num 2
Spin around with Num 7 and Num9
Just put a camera on with key Num ,

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  • WW2 PLANE.txt
  • BI-PLANE.txt
  • MIG 15.txt