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Originally uploaded by superkenkun on 30th August 2010 22:45 pm

Recently I got interested in racing since Sak's sCars, so I decided to make a map made for racing.
You can go either of two ways, each with big red arrows just in case some people get confused on when and where to turn. There is a hilly area, a desert with tall rocks to swerve between, and a small forested area. Some places have a shortcut ramp, or just normal ramps here and there. At the start/finish area, there is a build/tuning area with walls to seperate each player's workspace.
For rules you can decide within your group (such as placements, props in the way, number of laps, etc.)
sCars or creations are recommended for a bit of a faster paced race.
I made a new map calld Rovina, check it out please and see if you like that one too =) V2 is out, but this is a different track altogether, so if you want to add to the collection of race tracks download both of them =)

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        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • Gm_Race_Natura/
              • gm_race_natura.bsp

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  • Gm_Race_Natura/
    • gm_race_natura.bsp