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Originally uploaded by Fuffe on 2nd July 2012 22:58 pm

This is a map for the GMod gamemode TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town).
When first making this map I wanted it to look like the level Cradle from Goldeneye. It turned into something else: something not at all like Cradle from Goldeneye. But still a hopefully fun map for Trouble in Terrorist Town! This is the fourth released alpha, tell me what you think in the comments!
a2: Fixed a big bug that prevented a big part of the map from running at all
More optimized, added more things and buildings on the ground.
More buildings on the ground
A water tower for quicker access to the ground
A fan and air duct for quicker access to the cradle
Many other improvements, details and fixes
Bowling alley instead of house
A smaller water tower
Made the breakable bridge crossable, but only by one person at a time
3D displacement skybox
Lots and lots of other fixes
Made the map not crash clients upon joining if they did not have the map already
Fixed the RT screen in traitor room - again
Various minor fixes

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  • maps/
    • ttt_crummycradle_b1fix.bsp
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • ttt_crummycradle_b1fix.vmt
      • ttt_crummycradle_b1fix.vtf