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gm_construct_flatgrass FINAL

Originally uploaded by leahishotisback on 4th July 2007 18:51 pm

The Release of the V2 of this map is very close and I will probably post the FINAL V2 map on Monday the 7/30/07. Wait for it on this site and be sure to download it. I included millions of new upgrades and some new stuff as well. Here are some:
1.Fixed Skybox
2.Fixed leaks
3.Fixed water!!!!(YES ITS TRUE!)
4.Fixed lights in garage in construct
5.Fixed flatgrass texture
6.Shaft is going to be made of glass instead of brick
7.Different elevator version, possibly even 2 elevators
8.Elevators will be untouchable by physgun if prop. protection is on
9.Additional lights and other small fixes
10.Cargo elevator and Passenger elevator are now a reality and will definately be included in the map
11.That small little hallway to the elevator is now much bigger so you could finally fit stuff like jeeps and hoverboats inside the cargo elevator.
12.2 secret portals will be put in each map. One to go to flatgrass and one to get to construct from flatgrass. Good luck finding them ; D
13. I also included health and suit chargers in both construct part and flatgrass part so you wont run out of your health just because some mingebag hit you with his prop and almost killed you.
14.Much shorter elevator ride, and the shaft is now seethrough which means while youre going down to see your friends in flatgrass you could see what they are doing from hundreds of feet away!
So sorry everybody for the delay, but the map was done on tuesday and when i tried to compile it in hammer, i found out that hammer was buggy with vista, and then there came other problems. So i said screw it and installed back my XP and now im downloading everything back together and map will for sure (i swear this time) will be posted tomorrow, which would be thursday. Sorry everybody

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  • gm_construct_d.bsp