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Here it is again, the new updated version of the rusty weapon reskin as before though it still has its flaws... But if you are looking for that old ragged look on your weapons this is it!
I, (mostly I) have been working to include a few more weapons then last time, and now includes; The M16, Deagle, para, pump-action shotgun, as well as a few new ones; the USP, Mp5, and UMP.
These works well with the "realistic counterstrike sorce weapons" but i am quite sure they will work if extracted to the original weapon folder and overwriten there as well.
Again: This is not a Sweps and WILL replace your current skins. I have made the skins, Raz have made the zip and all the folders, (as well as a litle of this and that). And some guy made CS and hence the original SWEPS. as for credits and stuff:
If you do want to use or alter the skins Ive made in any way, DO SO. to be more clear fuck do I care? If you like the idea and so on and want tips or anything at all you are free to email me at and as for credits of reusing, reskinning, retexturing, repacking, whatever of my skins I considder that if you acctually do something with them they are not my skins anymore and hence you may do as you like without feeling obliged to ask or give any credit to me, even though it may be an apprecheated gesture.
A video containing sone of the reskins can be found here

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  • Readme if you want..txt
  • materials/
    • models/
      • weapons/
        • v_models/
          • deagle_skin1.tga
          • knife/
            • deagle_skin1.vtf
            • knife_t.vtf
          • knife_t.tga
          • mach_m249para.tga
          • mach_m249para/
            • mach_m249para.vtf
          • pist_deagle/
            • deagle_skin1.vtf
          • pist_usp/
            • pist_usp.tga
            • pist_usp.vtf
          • rif_m4a1.tga
          • rif_m4a1/
            • rif_m4a1.vtf
          • shot_m3super90.tga
          • shot_m3super90/
            • shot_m3super90.vtf
          • smg_mp5/
            • MP5_1.tga
            • MP5_1.vtf
          • smg_ump45/
            • smg_ump45.tga
            • smg_ump45.vtf
          • snip_scout/
            • snip_scout.tga
            • snip_scout.vtf
        • w_models/
          • knife/
            • w_knife_t.vtf
          • rif_m4a1.tga
          • shot_m3super90/
            • w_shot_m3super90.vtf
          • w_knife_t.tga
          • w_mach_m249.tga
          • w_mach_m249para/
            • w_mach_m249.vtf
          • w_pist_deagle.tga
          • w_pist_deagle/
            • w_pist_deagle.vtf
          • w_pist_usp/
            • w_pist_usp.tga
            • w_pist_usp.vtf
          • w_rif_m4a1/
            • w_rif_m4a1.vtf
          • w_shot_m3super90.tga
          • w_smg_mp5/
            • w_smg_mp5.tga
            • w_smg_mp5.vtf
          • w_smg_ump45/
            • w_smg_ump45.tga
            • w_smg_ump45.vtf
          • w_snip_scout/
            • w_snip_scout.tga
            • w_snip_scout.vtf