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'Enterprise' Dry Dock (v1).zip

'Enterprise' Dry Dock (v1).zip

Originally uploaded by [ZCN] Apwn in t on 15th July 2009 07:25 am

'Enterprise' Dry Dock (v1) - by Apwn In The Dark
Release Version: 1
-Model ported from 'Star Trek: Legacy'
Contents Description:
-'Enterprise' era dry dock for large starships.
-Dock scaled to fit USS Enterprise-D (v1), but looks fine around smaller starships.
-Dock's top platform is a solid plane, for ease of movement & construction.
Installation Instructions:
-Simply drop the ''Enterprise' Dry Dock (v1)' folder in your 'addons' folder.
Model can only be spawned from the browse tab, not the spawn menu.
Future Releases:

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  • README.txt
  • 'Enterprise' Dry Dock (v1)/
    • info.txt
    • materials/
      • models/
        • Space Docks/
          • 0d04d9ee.vmt
          • 0d04d9ee.vtf
          • 7ab16c88.vmt
          • 7ab16c88.vtf
          • Bumpmap.vtf
          • Detail.vtf
    • models/
      • Space Docks/
        • Enterprise-1.dx80.vtx
        • Enterprise-1.dx90.vtx
        • enterprise-1.mdl
        • Enterprise-1.phy
        • Enterprise-1.sw.vtx
        • enterprise-1.vvd