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Originally uploaded by Dredile on 5th March 2012 23:58 pm

gm_Apophis is a map I created with the purpose in mind of packing in as much detail into the island as possible. Every prop has been placed individually with a lot of thought in mind with how it fits in with the environment. There is an underlying back story and one or two dark secrets on the island. This map is great for posing, machinima, and chilling out.
I like to make my maps with back story in mind to add richness and quality to my levels.
This island is an ancient island traveled to by some unknown people. But long after an old man found the island and thought it to be beautiful. He built a house and used it as his fishing island for sometime until he moved in permanently. You can see some of his old projects around the island such as unfinished stables, fishing docks, carpenting areas etc...
If you find any bugs let me know at
/* */
or in the comments below.
Also IF THE SUN IS TOO BRIGHT then turn off Sunbeams in the Post Processing Tab.
For some reason it makes it like 5 times brighter then it really is.
Known issues: fog error, cuts off at the 3d skybox :(
PS: There is a quest involving a garden gnome! If you find the gnome, press E on it and start the quest.
Twitter: @Dredile (I tweet about maps and stuff im doing a lot)
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  • garrysmod/
    • maps/
      • gm_Apophis.bsp
    • materials/
      • decals/
        • demonic_symbol02.vmt
        • demonic_symbol02.vtf
      • detail/
        • strodegrass1.vmt
        • strodegrass1.vtf
      • dredilesisland/
        • apophis.vmt
        • apophis.vtf
        • Dredile.vmt
        • Dredile.vtf
        • genderbutton.vmt
        • genderbutton.vtf
        • hobbitbutton.vmt
        • hobbitbutton.vtf
        • littlenathan.vmt
        • littlenathan.vtf
        • mapoftreasuer.vmt
        • mapoftreasuer.vtf
        • twilight.vmt
        • twilight.vtf
      • maps/
        • gm_Apophis.vmt
        • gm_Apophis.vtf
      • reliefs/
        • relief03.vmt
        • relief03.vtf
    • sound/
      • DredilesIsland/
        • Deserta.mp3
        • Deserta4.mp3
        • gnometask1.mp3
        • gnometask1_01.mp3
        • gnometask1_02.mp3
        • gnometask1_03.mp3
        • gnometask1_04.mp3
        • gnometask1_05.mp3
        • gnometask1_06.mp3
        • gnometask1_06_answer1.wav
        • gnometask1_06_answer2.mp3
        • gnometask1_06_answer3.mp3
        • gnometask1_06_answeragain1.wav
        • gnometask1_07.wav
        • hallelujah.mp3
        • natelaugh.mp3
        • oceanloop.wav
    • strodeoutdoor.vbsp
  • README.txt