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Originally uploaded by VIOLATION on 25th March 2013 15:31 pm

Mr. X's majestic cruise ship the Cotopoxi is brought to life in a new exciting way, designed for the Trouble in Terrorist Town Gamemode.
The Terrorists embark on a journey they soon won't forget- The cruise of a lifetime on a top of the line ship, The Cotopoxi. These terrorists have all been given a free ticket to set sail on a world class cruise by the mysterious Mr. X, though little do they know that Mr. X has given a certain few some more instructions other than to just relax, these few others have been recruited to kill the rest of their shipmates.
This map features the following:
Thrilling Nostalgia for those who played and loved the original game 'The Ship'
32 player spawns
Fully and well armed, some random, some set.
2 Traitor traps and an unlockable "Storage Room" filled with more weapons in case of an emergency by the Traitors.
Large size map with a good layout that works with TTT.
And much more!
Special Thanks,
Outerlight Ltd. for making 'The Ship'.

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  • ttt_theship_v1.bsp
  • README.txt