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Originally uploaded by BgT '漢字'は on 20th March 2011 15:56 pm

This is the next upgrade to my gm_drivingmap, building from the last one.
Facepunch thread: Visit the thread for more description & pictures!
Main features of the map (mk1-91)
-main focus toward driving/building
-race track
-extended offroad area
-upgraded car test area
-multiple private build rooms
-nicer 3d skybox
-upgraded dark underground cavern
-underground water area
-areaportaled* off spawn room
-areaportals* on EVERY door
-teleporters from near spawn room to main map areas
-not fullbright
-everything needed (hopefully) packed into bsp (custom textures etc)(although you will probably need hl2:ep2 on top of that too)
-optimised (as much as I could)
-no noclip friendly (you can walk everywhere, and not get locked out of rooms if you die in them somehow)
-extended map area (no nasty repeating boundry wall)
-general improvements over last version
-now includes a specialised off road driving area by off road addict NutsAndy
-drag strip (measuring exactly 14117 hammer units long from start line to finish line (661.734375 feet))
-Surface water area
*Areaportals stop whats on the other side of them being rendered, so if you are in a private room, nothing outside the room is rendered, so less work for your computer
For all the previous versions, have a look at my profile:
-this map is now also on the toybox if thats what you prefer ^^
Thats all, enjoy the map please :)
(oh and you might not be able to see the right pic for pic #1 on this page, just click on it and you should see the nice one)

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • gm_drivingmap_mk1-91.bsp

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  • gm_drivingmap_mk1-91.bsp