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Originally uploaded by Griff (15) on 28th June 2012 01:25 am

This NPC pack includes the regular and HWM Team Fortress 2 models. They can be used as actors for your videos or they can be used to prat around with.
Here are some videos that were made with the help of this tool.
Credits go to eligri for creating the original script. I just added in the HWM models, changed the NPC scripts they're based on and retook the spawnlist screenshots.
If you have Garry's Mod 13, you can download this NPC pack from the Workshop.
If you want to change any of the model skins, you'll have to use Skin Switcher.
Note: This NPC pack requires Team Fortress 2
  • TF2 NPCs/
    • info.txt
    • lua/
      • autorun/
        • tf2_NPCs.lua
    • materials/
      • VGUI/
        • entities/
          • demo.vmt
          • demo.vtf
          • demomanhwm.vmt
          • demomanhwm.vtf
          • engineer.vmt
          • engineer.vtf
          • engineerhwm.vmt
          • engineerhwm.vtf
          • heavy.vmt
          • heavy.vtf
          • heavyhwm.vmt
          • heavyhwm.vtf
          • medichwm.vmt
          • medichwm.vtf
          • pyro.vmt
          • pyro.vtf
          • pyrohwm.vmt
          • pyrohwm.vtf
          • scout.vmt
          • scout.vtf
          • scouthwm.vmt
          • scouthwm.vtf
          • sniper.vmt
          • sniper.vtf
          • sniperhwm.vmt
          • sniperhwm.vtf
          • soldier.vmt
          • soldier.vtf
          • soldierhwm.vmt
          • soldierhwm.vtf
          • spy.vmt
          • spy.vtf
          • spyhwm.vmt
          • spyhwm.vtf
          • tf2medic.vmt
          • tf2medic.vtf
  • Instructions.txt