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Originally uploaded by x SPK x on 5th April 2008 19:38 pm

Hey Gmod Community,
Maybe you still remember the first version of our map gm_mobinx_v01 we released half a year ago.
We have promised you a second improved version with many new features and better performance.
We have kept our promise. Since previous gm_Maps only fulfilled its purpose, of course you could build on them, but they were never beautiful, we have thought
We just make a map, which combines everything: fulfilling purpose, but beautiful.
This map combines the many different facets of Gmod in one and is thus the ultimate multiplayer.
You start in a marble room from there to your destination Select. There are 8 doors, each of which leads to a certain part of the Map:
Start Room:
-TicTacToe game
- Remover
- Lane
- Disco
- Gman
- Black/White And Color Room
- Toilet
- Halls, buildings
- Underground-Hall
- Water
- Garages
Flat Grass:
- Skeletons for Phx 4x4 drives
- Hotel
- Tower with a lift
- Free-space
Off-road racing circuit:
- Rounds Counting System
- NPC opponents
- Garages
- Vehicle Spawn house
Other features:
- Forest Area
- Easteregg
- enough water
- enough opportunities for Poser
- on the whole map NPC Nodes placed
- sky has moving clouds
- taxi station in every part of the map
Those who are still not convinced it can be so again at the video, a picture says we know, more than a thousand words, so what says
a video?
It is to say that the map runs completely without EP2 and CS:S, all models were included in the bsp (hence the enormous size)
And because of that it is no warez!
Spezial THX to:
RedPuma : made the Egg Model
Coopa : Beta Tester, Beta server Hoster
Mephisto : Beta Tester
Timme : Beta Tester
Computer22 : Beta Tester
Sasha41857 : Beta Tester
Kuno86 : made the Taxi Model
And here some snapshots:
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    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
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            • Gm_Mobenix_v2_Hotfix <-- Make this folder!
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              • lua
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  • settings/
    • maps/
      • gm_mobenix_v2.txt
    • spawnlist/
      • Gm_Mobenix_v2.txt
  • Eat Me!.txt
  • Songtext Bananaphone.txt
  • Songtext Portal still alive.txt
  • Songtext Portal still alive [Ger].txt
  • maps/
    • gm_mobenix_v2.bsp
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • Gm_mobenix_v2.vmt
      • Gm_mobenix_v2.vtf
    • mobenic/
      • v2/
        • egg.vmt
        • egg.vtf
  • models/
    • spk_easteregg.dx80.vtx
    • spk_easteregg.dx90.vtx
    • spk_easteregg.mdl
    • spk_easteregg.phy
    • spk_easteregg.sw.vtx
    • spk_easteregg.vvd