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Originally uploaded by wilsonbj on 11th October 2007 07:41 am

Welcome to Gm_superstruct_v2b
This is an awesome construction map rivaling gm_freespace. It has everything you need for a fun time with Garry�s mod.
The map includes many awesome features which are listed below:
� Lot and lots of water
� Hills and rocks
� Dark and white rooms
� Airboats and cars
� Large warehouse
� Stadium
� Ramps
� Platform Trains
� Large missile launching structures
� Lots of free grass space
� 3d skybox with tall and small buildings (very detailed)
� Nice architecture
� Tall skybox
� Props
� Building Platforms
� Militia skybox with sun and suitable lighting
There is probably more.
After I released gm_superstruct_v1 I went on to make version two with the same file as I was using in version 1. After a lot of consideration I decided to start the map again and make it more optimized and quicker to compile. I have managed to succeed and cut the compiling time down by half. As a result the fps it quicker even though I added a lot more to the map. The �b� at the end of the map name means it is the second make of the map.
I was also unable to include the counter strike textures because of the size of the files and copy right issues.
Well I hope you enjoy it have put a lot of effort into version 2.
Please give me �mapping kings� if you like what you see!
Forum link:
You tube video will follow later this week.

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • gm_superstruct_v2b.bsp

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  • gm_superstruct_v2b.bsp