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SCP-087 [Scary Map]

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Originally uploaded by CodyFolf on 11th April 2012 23:47 pm

This is a map I made based off the story (and game) SCP-087.
***Highly recommend you play this in single player***
Episode 2
WARNING: This map has scary pop-ups and such. So if you get heart attacks easily or can't handle scary stuff... don't download this.
-Dark spooky environment
-Creepy ambient sounds (some are quiet so headphones are ideal)
-Somewhat of a story (relevant to real SCP-087 story)
-YOU CAN ONLY WALK (Note this is via a player speed modifier, which, for whatever reason makes you jump slowly too. Idk why. I made it so you can only walk because in the real SCP-087 game you can only walk and jump aswell.)
-An ending
Original idea is by SCP and their writers, I just transferred the ideas and some of my own into a Garry's Mod map.
Inspiration for some of the tactics used in the making of this map by Breadman (Creator of Ghosthunt series, which, if you haven't played yet... DO IT)
Beta testers: Smokeh, Toast4dinner, and myself
Sounds: Some from SCP-087-B game, others from other external sources.
Map created by me (cody1175) of course >w>
View the readme.txt for more info and instructions for install.

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • scp087.bsp
            • Readme.txt

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  • scp087.bsp
  • Readme.txt