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Neuro Planes: Hawx Addon

Originally uploaded by [T.O.F] NikBig on 20th October 2010 12:28 pm

You Need Neuro Planes for this Addon !!
That is not made by me !!
Its only a help to find it easier!!
Sorry but the NeuroPlanes File was Deleted ... I Think by Hoffa ..
You can find the SVN Link in the Text File !!
You Need Tortoise SVN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How to install with SVN :
1. you copy the svn code
2. you create a new file
3. mouse 2 on it
4. click on svn checkout
5.paste the code above in the box there
6.wait...............until everything is finished and then click OK
7. DONE!
Thank you blackbyrd for the Installation Tutorial
Facepunch Link:!
Jet Planes
Pitch, Yaw, Roll: Mouse X/Y
Increase Throttle: +forward / W
Decrease Throttle: +back / S
Counter Measures / Flares: +jump / Space
Primary Weapon: +attack / Mouse1
Secondary Weapon: +attack2 / Mouse2
Cycle through weapons: +reload / R
Release Target Lock: +speed / shift
Additional notes:
Laser Guided rockets will force the plane to maintain altitude until detonation.
Infrared Rockets have a Field of View, if the enemy isn't within the FOV the rocket will miss. Do not fire at enemies behind you.
Sorry but the NeuroPlanes File was Deleted ... I Think by Hoffa ..

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