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The Pentagon- Zombie Survival!

Originally uploaded by Dashing Sands on 15th May 2011 04:15 am

The Pentagon is under attack! Washington is going to DEFCON 1 in this installment of "Zombies".
This is my first version of the map "Five" from Black Ops. It has working ai scripts so the zombies follow and attack you. Good for both single AND multiplayer! (known due to testing for many hours)
Secret rooms
DEFCON levels
Custom textures
Custom sounds
AI zombie scripting
A boss
Loads of free roaming space to kill the zombies
Ammunition resupply room
The panic room
The map room
I know this was done by TheAlmightyLol. Before he uploaded his map, i'd been working on mine for a month in advance. I WAS NOT giving up after a month of work!
Put in maps folder. If you have a problem, leave a comment or send a message to my youtube channel:

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  • steamapps
    • common
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        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • zs_pentagon.bsp

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  • zs_pentagon.bsp