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Originally uploaded by ^5|D-KickZ| Xhi on 8th December 2008 02:43 am

Name: Quadeye | Xhizors Maps Server
IP Address:
Map: gm_reaction
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YOU can also watch the video in HD.
Welcome, this is gm_reaction. Gm_reaction takes on the Rp theme as well has having construction qualities. The theme is that of a logged environment. There are still forests but vast amounts of area have been cleared. However the combine, after finding out that the rebels had a secret underground base and were using the funds from logging to pay for their rebellious expenses, decide to invade and kill anyone in the path leaving the buildings intact. The map is the end result after this invasion.
The map has many features which are listed below:
-Custom Textures
-Open grassland
-Barns and houses
-Cinematic scene
-Npc Nodes
-Strider Path Nodes
-Ambient sounds

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Convert to Addon (Recommended)

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • GM_Reaction <-- Make this folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • addons/
    • Gm_Reaction/
      • detail.vbsp
      • info.txt
      • maps/
        • gm_reaction.bsp
        • gm_reaction.log
        • gm_reaction.prt
        • gm_reaction.vmx
      • materials/
        • gm_rockster/
          • blendtexture01.vtf
          • Cliff01a-ssbump.vtf
          • Cliff01a.vmt
          • Cliff01a.vtf
          • Cliff02a-ssbump.vtf
          • Cliff02a.vmt
          • Cliff02a.vtf
          • concrete/
            • concretefloor_bunker01a.vmt
            • concretefloor_bunker01a.vtf
            • concretefloor_reaction.vmt
            • concretefloor_reaction.vtf
            • concretefloor_reaction2.vmt
            • concretefloor_reaction2.vtf
            • concretefloor_reaction2_NRM.vtf
            • concretefloor_reaction_NRM.vtf
            • concretewall_bunker07c.vtf
            • concretewall_reaction.vmt
            • concretewall_reaction.vtf
            • concretewall_reaction_NRM.vtf
          • concretefloor_reaction.png
          • forest_dirt_03.vtf
          • grassfloor_xhizors.vmt
          • grassfloor_xhizors.vtf
          • grassfloor_xhizors_forrock2.vtf
          • grassfloor_xhizors_forrock2_NRM.vtf
          • grassfloor_xhizors_NRM.vtf
          • grassrock_xhizors_forrock.vmt
          • grasssandblend_xhizors.vmt
          • grasssandblend_xhizors_noprop.vmt
          • sandfloor_xhizors.vtf
          • sandfloor_xhizors_NRM.vtf
          • VLVX_Song15.mp3
          • water_frame01_dudv.vtf
          • water_frame01_normal.vtf
          • water_riverbed01_beneath.vmt
          • water_riverbed01_beneath_dx8.vmt
          • water_xhizors.vmt
          • water_xhizors_dx8.vmt
        • maps/
          • Gm_Reaction.vmt
          • Gm_Reaction.vtf
      • settings/
        • maps/
          • Gm_Reaction.txt