rp_downtown_v4_exl by Tim B

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A downtown edit I did around January 2013. Includes the big suburban houses. Requires CS:S assets.

HISTORY (added October 30 2020)
This map is an offshoot of a long chain of edits I did to rp_downtown_v4c for a community called "Nerd Cave DarkRP". That community existed after a 2010-era DarkRP community named "Darkness' DarkRP/DDRP", where I started GMod, closed in 2011. NCDRP existed until 2012, I think. Most of the NCDRP members moved to a community called "License to Build/LtB", which ran this map for a while. (Shoutout to John D and Barkley, OG internet friends since DDRP)

This map (v4_exl) was done after the NCDRP community closed. The only surviving predecessor I could find now is rp_downtown_nerdcave_v3, which is a night map. It includes the suburban houses in the same layout: https://garrysmods.org/download/35222/rp-downtown-nerdcave-v3zip

The earliest known edit in this chain of downtown edits I did was uploaded to gmod.org in July 2011, and didn't have the suburbs as they currently stand, and it's pretty much just a useless v4c edit. I do remember making a small park for that map, which I later saw in a major 1942RP community's own map, which I thought was funny (implied they decompiled the original downtown edit I did to make their map).

One memory I have of making this map and its earlier iterations (the rp_downtown_nerdcave line) was creating the shutter textures for the suburban houses by creating a 3d model in SketchUp on the school bus, coloring them, and taking a screenshot head-on. It's definitely a reminder for me to hold on to old files like maps, scripts, screenshots, etc, so that one day in the future I'll be able to look back and remember what was happening 10 years ago, for instance. Also, the fact that this is the top download on garrysmods.org is kind of funny. It's just a downtown edit, but I guess that's par of course for 2010s roleplay maps.

PSA: keep old files. You'll keep the memories tied to them.

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