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An F.Kalkman creation. 2005
F.Kalkman's maps, maps that make a differance! ;)
Maps for Halflife 2 DeathMatch and Gmod (RolePlay)
*** TDM_HOMETOWN1999 & RP_HOMETOWN1999 ***
Updated Release version 1.1
(source maps: (V1.0) RP_HomeTown_1999 & TDM_HomeTown_1999)
update info:
This update is about preventing noobs to nuke the city all the time.
codes have changed!!!
now there are 2 codes. 1 is hidden in the map, the other is not given!
the hidden code you can find in the map is for the noobs. they can enter the hideout, but not nuke the city.
the other code will not be given. and is not even hidden in the map. so dont search for it.
that code is for me, and for people i trust. when the admin code is used, the noob code wont work anymore.
unless the admin presses the button on the desk.
anotherthing that has been requested to update. (only in RP version.)
its the architecture of the weaponstore.
that does now comply with the RP needs.
and i fixed some other minor things/bugs.
General info:
to get the best out of both playing modes, the TDM version is good for deathmatch and teamdeathmatch.
and the RP version is good for use with Gmod and for use of RolePlaying & making comics.
becouse you can fix the windows now. some windows fix automaticly after 60 seconds.
i know how easily windows break when you try to pose a ragdoll in front of it. so thats mostly why i recommend the rp map for it.
when trying the code, or playing alone, i suggest to take the TDM map. in the RP map you wont be able to get out of the prisson by yourself.
about the hideout, goto the update info for all the info you need.
becouse thats what the update is mostly about.
hideout has features like in RiverView:
* blow everyone up within 25 seconds. (admin code only)
* in the TDM version you have 1 more feature in the hideout. you can fix all windows in the map with one button. (in RP version its indvidualy controlled)
* and more...
Other info:
I did not create the Volvo model, the author of that mo

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • RP_HomeTown1999.bsp
            • TDM_HomeTown1999.bsp
            • hometown1999-info.jpg
            • Readme.txt
            • IMPORTANT.txt

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  • RP_HomeTown1999.bsp
  • TDM_HomeTown1999.bsp
  • hometown1999-info.jpg
  • Readme.txt