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Female knight

Originally uploaded by Seraphim on 28th November 2010 13:57 pm

Just a very quick port from Mount and blade. Originally had it just for a pose but decided that there's no reason to sit on the model and releasing it.
Keep in mind that due to the limited nature of the use I intended the model has no face or fingerposing (the hands are in fists and can grip swords and similar just fine)
Normally extract to your addons and it ought to work without issues. Spawnlist included.
Misc credits
Taleworlds for the body
Epic for the head.
  • Mount And Blade/
    • info.txt
    • materials/
      • models/
        • kit/
          • mblade/
            • fwarrior/
              • coat_of_plates_a.vmt
              • coat_of_plates_a.vtf
              • coat_of_plates_a_normalmap.vtf
              • costumes5.vmt
              • costumes5.vtf
              • gauntlets_new.vmt
              • gauntlets_new.vtf
              • gauntlets_new_normalmap.vtf
              • Head_diff.vtf
              • head_nrm.vtf
              • T_CH_Ronin_FHead04x_D01_V01_SK1.vmt
    • models/
      • kit/
        • mblade/
          • princess.dx80.vtx
          • princess.dx90.vtx
          • princess.mdl
          • princess.phy
          • princess.sw.vtx
          • princess.vvd
    • settings/
      • spawnlist/
        • Mountandblade.txt