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Stargate Eventhorizon V1

Originally uploaded by -<W.U.W>- (6) on 15th June 2010 14:32 pm

Blue EH
There is a FacePunch thread, where you find more picture and the other styles too:
There is an Universe (Grey) style EH too:
There is an another Universe (Blueish Grey) style EH too:
Hello everyone!
I made a new Eventhorizon!
If you want to use it with assassin21's Universe Gate, just drop the horizon_new_.vtf file into the Universe gate addon's folder materials/sgu folder and overwrite the original.
Example: /steamapps//garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/universe_gate/materials/sgu/horizon_new.vtf
If you want to use it with aVoN's and assassin21's other gates, just overwrite the original.
If it's too fast or slow you need to edit the effect_02.vmt above the horizon_new_.vtf.
Find this line: animatedtextureframerate" 15.00 , and write another number to it's end.
Thank you for downloading, and sorry for my bad English.
  • horizon_new_.vtf
  • Read Me !!!.txt