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World War 2 Uboat submarine

Originally uploaded by KIM JONG IL on 19th April 2008 10:56 am

German IX-B U-Boat
German type IX-B U-Boat of which only 14 examples were made, yet in terms of tonnage sunk per boat was the most sucessful type made.
Model is split into 7 sub-models for the purpose of optimisation and details of how to re-construct it correctly in your maps can be found included in the ZIP file. Also includes extra torpedo stack prop model at no additional cost.
Is it detailed?
Where do I put it?
in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder
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Can I use it for other stuff like maps?
Yes. But you must credit the author.
And his website:
All credits go to him.
And if you want to contact him:
If you'd like to contact me, feel free to do so via one of the following Instant Messengers. Alternatively you can email me at jed, plus the domain name of this site (the bit, dummy).
ICQ: 5685604
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AOL: Trp Jed
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  • models/
    • props_uboat/
      • jed_ixb_boab.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_boab.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_boab.mdl
      • jed_ixb_boab.phy
      • jed_ixb_boab.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_boab.vvd
      • jed_ixb_bobe.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_bobe.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_bobe.mdl
      • jed_ixb_bobe.phy
      • jed_ixb_bobe.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_bobe.vvd
      • jed_ixb_hull.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_hull.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_hull.mdl
      • jed_ixb_hull.phy
      • jed_ixb_hull.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_hull.vvd
      • jed_ixb_miab.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_miab.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_miab.mdl
      • jed_ixb_miab.phy
      • jed_ixb_miab.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_miab.vvd
      • jed_ixb_stab.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_stab.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_stab.mdl
      • jed_ixb_stab.phy
      • jed_ixb_stab.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_stab.vvd
      • jed_ixb_stbe.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_stbe.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_stbe.mdl
      • jed_ixb_stbe.phy
      • jed_ixb_stbe.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_stbe.vvd
      • jed_ixb_twr.dx80.vtx
      • jed_ixb_twr.dx90.vtx
      • jed_ixb_twr.mdl
      • jed_ixb_twr.phy
      • jed_ixb_twr.sw.vtx
      • jed_ixb_twr.vvd
      • torpedo_stack.dx80.vtx
      • torpedo_stack.dx90.vtx
      • torpedo_stack.mdl
      • torpedo_stack.phy
      • torpedo_stack.sw.vtx
      • torpedo_stack.vvd
  • entity_layout.jpg
  • materials/
    • models/
      • props_uboat/
        • ixb-uboat.vmt
        • ixb-uboat.vtf
        • ixb-uboat_n.vtf
        • torpedo.vmt
        • torpedo.vtf
        • torpedo_stand.vmt
        • torpedo_stand.vtf
  • jed_ixb_uboat_README.txt