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Adv. Dupe Pack 2

Originally uploaded by Timbles on 29th December 2008 21:39 pm

1st One had Lies, So I deleted it. This one Contains:
Jail Pack
Giant Spongebob
Mario Sprite
Time Bomb Mini
Rainbow Slide
PHX Station
Hovering Portal Base
Sonic Sprite Pack
Admin Box
3 Floored Home
How to Install:
Move everything to Advanced Duplicator found in Data in Garry's Mod Garry's mod.
All Credit to Each Person who Made it.
Enjoy! :D

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  • garrysmod/
    • data/
      • adv_duplicator/
        • drunkies rainbow slide.txt
  • hovering portal base/
    • hovering portal base.txt
    • README.txt
  • drunkies rainbow slide.txt
  • Adv_duplication for 3 floored home/
    • 3 floor building.txt
  • admin box/
    • dark raven_s admin box.txt
    • README!!!!!!!!!!!!!.txt
  • fajerwerki.txt
  • uber spongebob.txt
  • turret.txt
  • the crushinator.txt
  • cagealapin_tuer.txt
  • cage_melons.txt
  • cagealapin.txt
  • destructable mario sprite.txt
  • phx spacestation(zipx).txt
  • phx space station wi.txt
  • portal base .txt
  • sonic sprite destroyable.txt
  • super shadow sprite.txt
  • super sonic sprite.txt
  • shadow sprite.txt
  • diffusable time bomb mini.txt