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Dark RP Keypad Cracker

Originally uploaded by Chief Tiger on 29th June 2009 04:37 am

FP Thread:
For those of you who have been searching for a long time for a keypad cracker sWEP for your RP gamemodes, I have your answer!
DarkRP Keypad Cracker v1.0
This version of the keypad cracker uses the same base code as the lockpick in DarkRP. This keypad doesn't freeze you while cracking, looks just like the lockpick loading bar and behaves just as the lockpick does. This addon is good for servers that allow fading door tool and keypads.
Updates from old Keypad Cracker SWEP:
v1.0 (Initial Release)
- ADDED - Noises to indicate a keypad is being cracked (much like the lockpick)
- FIXED - Loading bar (redone with the style of the lockpick loading bar)
- FIXED - Keypad cracker no longer sends two "access granted"s to the keypad (Basically broken)
I do in fact know that there is a bug with the loading bar. If you open the chat box to talk the loading bar dissapears. If you do not move off of the keypad, you will continue to crack and it will still work. I am still looking for the solution to this problem.
Extract this to the "garrysmod/garrysmod/addons" directory.
  • keypad cracker/
    • info.txt
    • lua/
      • weapons/
        • keypad_cracker/
          • shared.lua