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Rubic Cubic

Originally uploaded by arleitiss on 10th April 2010 13:39 pm

Here I made a models of Rubic cubes.
Contains 5 different models.
Default, not puzzled cube. With all colors arranged.
Puzzled but with 1 side rotated.
Puzzled with 2 sides rotated.
Clean and 1 side rotated.
They are size of 18x18
So if you want them smaller to fit into hands of npc you use prop resizer. (because I was dumb enough to delete my .smd files after compiling, because I was sure they are fine)
They have phong reflection with bump map.
Known bug: on the model which has 2 sides rotated, I forgot to create new face (polygon) so it's kinda see through. But thats only on inside.
Also special thanks to darksaber for making bump map. ( Which I am crap making)

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Convert to Addon (Recommended)

You should end up with a directory structure similar to below:

  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • Rubic Cubic <-- Make this folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • materials/
    • arleitiss/
      • rubix/
        • blu.vmt
        • blu.vtf
        • body.vmt
        • body.vtf
        • green.vmt
        • green.vtf
        • LIGHT.vtf
        • orange.vmt
        • orange.vtf
        • red.vmt
        • red.vtf
        • rubixbump.vtf
        • white.vmt
        • white.vtf
        • yellow.vmt
        • yellow.vtf
  • settings/
    • spawnlist/
      • rubix cube.txt
  • models/
    • arleitiss/
      • rubix/
        • cubixrubis_shuffled_off.dx80.vtx
        • cubixrubis_shuffled_off.dx90.vtx
        • cubixrubis_shuffled_off.mdl
        • cubixrubis_shuffled_off.phy
        • cubixrubis_shuffled_off.sw.vtx
        • cubixrubis_shuffled_off.vvd
        • cubixrubix.dx80.vtx
        • cubixrubix.dx90.vtx
        • cubixrubix.mdl
        • cubixrubix.phy
        • cubixrubix.sw.vtx
        • cubixrubix.vvd
        • cubixrubix_confused.dx80.vtx
        • cubixrubix_confused.dx90.vtx
        • cubixrubix_confused.mdl
        • cubixrubix_confused.phy
        • cubixrubix_confused.sw.vtx
        • cubixrubix_confused.vvd
        • cubixrubix_off.dx80.vtx
        • cubixrubix_off.dx90.vtx
        • cubixrubix_off.mdl
        • cubixrubix_off.phy
        • cubixrubix_off.sw.vtx
        • cubixrubix_off.vvd
        • cubixrubix_shuffle.dx80.vtx
        • cubixrubix_shuffle.dx90.vtx
        • cubixrubix_shuffle.mdl
        • cubixrubix_shuffle.phy
        • cubixrubix_shuffle.sw.vtx
        • cubixrubix_shuffle.vvd