Crossfire Team deathmatch Ship by Jorji Coztava

HelloYou probably know the video game Crossfire
some say it is a pay to win copy of counter strike
others say it's a hacker-ridden game copy of operation7
Well I say the opposite
Crossfire is an original game
actually i play it
Well here I leave a map of one of the many maps of the team deathmatch mode of crossfire
is a map of a cargo ship in which the bases of the players are located
blue containers indicate GlobalRisk crossfire team
and the red containers indicate BlackList team
The name of the map is gm_hugefuckingocean
you can find it on the same page
Due to space limitations on the pageI had to upload the map by another server
do not worry that the link does not have viruses or shorteners, much less ads

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