Bob's HL2 Couch Bucket Hot Rod by Bob

For your GMod driving pleasure, I present to you the Couch Bucket Cruiser. It features a vintage-style body made using e2 holograms consisting primarily of one HL2 couch model. The holo body e2 is directly in front of the gear shifter and can be modified to remove various body panels for customization.

This car features an inline 7-cylinder prop engine connected to a setMass()-based prop gearbox of my own design. This particular iteration features six forward gears and one reverse. The engine will stall if RPMs fall below about 50, meaning clutch and throttle control are necessary to achieve best driving performance. Be warned that this drivetrain is very sensitive to violent crashes, and crashing the car may cause chaotic GMod spazz which some servers do not respond well to. Drive the car well, and the server will thank you.

You are welcome to use any and all pieces, components, and e2s as you wish, and to distribute them freely. Please do not attempt to take credit for anything as though you made it, but also feel free to customize, modify, and distribute whatever you wish from this dupe file.

To Install: Place the .txt file into your Advanced Duplicator 2 folder.

Throttle: W
Brake: S
Steering: A/D
Shift Up: Mouse1
Shift Down: Mouse2
Clutch: Shift
Ignition: R
Gear Layout: R,N,1,2,3,4,5,6

To start the car, shift to Neutral or hold the clutch (Shift), hold R (Ignition) and tap or hold throttle (W) until the engine starts. (Simply holding the ignition key without using throttle will not always start the engine.)

More vehicles will be uploaded in the future. Enjoy!

Requirements: SProps

How To Install: Copy the contents of the zip file into your Garry's Mod "Data/AdvDupe2" folder.

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Don't know where the Garry's Mod folder is or how to extract zip files? See more useful installation tips.

  • couchbucket runner5.txt