Cipher's Ford Anglia v1.1 by Cipher_X

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Video of the car working :

1. Copy the "Cipher's Works Ford Anglia" FOLDER
2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\advdupe2
3. place the folder (from step 1) into the "advdupe2" folder
4. boot up the game
5.Go into Q>Utilites>E2 extentions and check everything ( not everything NEEDS to be checked I just can't remember which ones do )
6. open advanced duplicator 2
7. find the folder called "Cipher's Works Ford Anglia"
8. open the FILE called "Ford Anglia"
9. paste it into the world
10. unfreeze by looking at one of the wheels and pressing R with the physgun

oh boy

PRESSING BUTTONS : HOLD LShift and click LMB on the buttons to activate them
STARTING : HOLD LShift and click the ignition key button BELOW  the dash on the right side
ENGINE : control the engine speed by pressing W ( throttle ) and use the brakes with S
GEARBOX : switch gears using R and F keys, there are six gears in total ( 5 forward, 1 reverse )
STEERING : use A and D keys to steer, works the same when flying
FLYING : press the button in the center of the dash to activate hover mode
    -use WASD to move, use R and F to go up and down    

LIGHTS : press the button on the right side ABOVE the ignition key

Tips :
-hover mode does not require the engine to be turned on
-gears have NO EFFECT on the flying of the vehicle
-the car doesn't have proper suspension so don't go rock crawling
-make sure you are doing things right before complaining

-1.5L I4 making 'round 85 hp
-5 forward and 1 reverse gear
-4 seats

if there is any questions, find me on steam. But I think anyone with more than 200 hours should be able to figure it out.

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