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Time for a blast from the past!

Do you remember the olden days of the Type 1 automobile? The one claimed as the low prop count reliable vehicle?


It's time to introduce....

The Type 10!

THIS is the spiritual successor to the Type 1 automobile!

Design :
This marvelous machine recieved a body like no other!
Including curves that brake up shadows in terrible lighting conditions!
2 seats with the engine placed behind the rear axle, allowing for a streamline front end.

Drivetrain :
Powered by a 2000cc 3 rotor Wankel Rotary petrol engine.
Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 5+1R gear transmission.

Suspension :
No wiremod hydraulics used, allowing for easy mass production of the Type 10!

-Armored Framework Combat ( ACF )
-Multi-parent tool
-Make Spherical
-Advanced duplicator 2
-Weight tool

Notes :

-Use W to control the speed of the engine
-Use S to control the brakes
-Use A & D to control the steering direction
-Use Space to engage the parking brake ( or use the button in the center to toggle )
-Use Left Shift (Lshift) to be able to press buttons around the cockpit
-Use R to shift up and F to shift down.

- You may NOT reupload this work without crediting the original author (Cipher_X).

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