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In early 1945, the Schulz battle group and lieutenant fehrmann set up a unit consisting of six tigers and five Panthers to travel to the Ruhr area. The tiger is under the command of lieutenant Felman, so it is called Felman battle group. The tactical number begins with F. Ferman battle group's Tiger tank, the body is the initial type with the air filter removed, and the road wheel of the walking part uses the steel wheel of the later type. The turret and the car body are equipped with antimagnetism, and spare tracks are placed on both sides of the front armor of the car body to increase protection. The painting is German tricolor camouflage, but the whole is green and stateless.According to English records, on April 6, 1945, six tigers arrived at aller River, one of which was lost due to mechanical failure. The next day, the tiger team arrived at Ningbao and joined the Grenadier. On April 9, the Panther tanks of the Ministry entered the town of wiethesheim and exchanged fire with the allies, resulting in the loss of four panthers and only one retreat. In the counterattack, the tiger F02 was hit, and two other tigers continued to advance, eventually capturing 30 British paratroopers. F02 tiger returns to fallingbotel for repair. On April 11, the rest of the army moved to buckeburg, an area under the control of the allies. Along the way, two tiger like tanks fell into the mud. The accompanying leopard like tanks tried to help the tiger like escape, but they were still unable to escape due to the deep sinking. Finally the tank was destroyed (self destructed or destroyed?). The fighters and Felman were finally captured by the allies. On the same day, two other tigers joined the tank battle with the U.S. Army. The f13 tiger (commanded by Feldwebel bellof) was destroyed and all the vehicles were killed. The F03 tiger (commanded by Kampfgruppe Schulze) destroyed three Sherman tanks and a reconnaissance vehicle before returning to wendthagen.

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