Official Tank Type-90 ACF-ACE by [133ОТБ]ACFWeaponer

Attention! This tank is very detailed. Thus, it provides an optimization system. To turn it on or off, press the O button.

I added 2 versions of the tank. In version 1 with the name "mod" are shells from ACE. And in the "standart" version are shells from ACF.
The "Standart" version will work on any server, and the "mod" only where ACE is installed.

Mods necessary for work: wire mod, ACE-ACF, sprops, more material, and preferably content from other games.

The control:
W | A | S | D - movement.
F - thermal imager;
R - fasten / unfasten the gun (when you sat down 1 time, you need to press 2 times).
Alt - smoke grenades.
Shift - change the camera.
The right mouse button is a machine gun.
The left mouse button is a gun.
Also on this tank is installed hydraulic suspension. For it to work, after you have spawned, you must press NumPad 5 so that it does not break in the future.
This suspension has 2 modes.
1 Mode is tilt forward backward.
2 The mode is lift up - down.
To switch modes, use the NumPad 6 button.
To control the tilt and rise, use the NumPad 8 and NumPad 2 buttons.

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Don't know where the Garry's Mod folder is or how to extract zip files? See more useful installation tips.

  • type 90 standart ammo.txt
  • type 90 mod ammo.txt