Official Pack KamaZ. by [133ОТБ]ACFWeaponer

ATTENTION!!! these buildings are very detailed. If someone is on the server or you have lags, remove the "Kamaz" chip, this will reduce the detail and remove the load. The microcircuit is located in the center of the machine behind the engine. Remember this if you are not alone.

There are 3 types of Kamaz in this pack. They need mods: ACF, Wire mod. Sprops.
Standart Kamaz:
W | S | A | D - movement;
R - start engine (you must press several times);
LShift - headlights;
To open or close the door, press E on the handle, and to close while sitting near the door - Alt.
For cargo Kamaz management is the same.
The Grad system is managed in a similar way.
To control the installation you must:
To use it when landing 2 times, press Mouse2 after that, press only 1 time;
Load rocket - F;
Mouse1 - fire;

Vidio for this technique:

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  • kamaz system grad.txt
  • standart kamaz.txt
  • kamaz cargo.txt