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This is my Star Destroyer I spent 3 days making. Its life support power is enough to support atleast 10 ppl. You can dock ships on it, place alot of weapons and custom turrets, and add your own systems to it.
It has a wire system that shows when a part of the ship is about to hit something (front, and front sides. On the bottom: back left&right, middle sides, and front sides) that are green, and get increasingly red when it's about to hit something. It has a speedometer and a 'distance to the ground' screen on the console. It also has 3 screens to show the % of life support remaining.
---Where to put it---
Put this lua file into your: garrysmod>data>adv_duplicator folder
(Thats where I got my file from I uploaded, you may have to put it somewhere else, depending on your adv duper location)
Enjoy ;)

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  • stardestroyerwired.txt