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Nazi Zombie gamemode survival

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Originally uploaded by TheIronFreak on 19th July 2012 06:44 am

-Death Machine bug found, spawns random zombie heads with a LUA math error. Fixing..
-Been rough coding some stuff in the source code to make it seem like a real zombie survival map.. Really small map lol.
-Added some radio sounds in the map, sparkling a few explosion effects.
-Added an eerie feeling to the map; fog, thunder, and rain.
-Haven't placed any weapons on the walls... This isn't a nazi zombie gamemode anymore.
-Implementing a new zombie model.
- Small surprise at the beginning of the map in the second room on the right! Won't spoil it for you!
After V2, I WILL NOT make another version. Instead I will be releasing a teaser trailer for my new map 'Hospital'. A nice little horror map that should be released around next year in February or March. That's all for now :)
- Added a weapons room in the downstairs basement
- Replaced some CS:S textures with the HL2 textures for your convenience!
-Fixed up the powerup sounds, as their frequencies were invalid.
- Death Machine removed until further notice. Unless you can fix it. Source code is still available in the files. Give it a go :)
- Reduced damage formula of knife; it was previously able to kill zombies instantly. -____-
- Power-mechanism used in the map. On startup the lights will be off. Power opens door to weapon room + turns all lights on. Much of this was done with Source SDK. teehee
- You do not start out with the pistol anymore, but instead a crowbar :) Much more like a zombie survival map eh?
- Increased health of barriers; now the zombies don't one-hit kill your barricades and make it even harder on your team >.>
- Increased prices of weapons; 500 points each is a little too cheap no?
- Considering adding carpenter into the source, not sure.
- Zombies now have enhanced AI. Every bullet you shoot attracts zombies every

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  • Zombiemap/
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