Mid's 40RBL78 MA Field Gun by TheLegend27

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Yes, it's a piece of crap, it can do some major damage to things implying you manage to hit it.

This is my recreation of the British-Made WW2 SPG, 40RBL78 MA Field Gun, Long story short, the British engineers really wanted to make tanks out of vehicles that were already being produced and/or that were already produced in mass as it was. So they decided to take crappy "Ruston-Bucyrus built  Crane" and did some modifications to it and added a 4.5inch Gun to it, with their fingers crossed that they'd poop out something of decent usefulness.               

Necessities (Possibly maybe, not certain will be marked with *):
  • ACF
  • SProps
  • Wiremod
  • TF2
  • CS-Source*
  • HL2-Source*
  • HL2 Episode1-Source*
  • HL2 Episode2-Source*
  • WASD - Forward, Left, Backward, Right (this should be a go figure)
  • Shift - Brakes (the top speed is like 10km/h or something, letting go of WASD will probably instantly stop you anyway)
  • Alt - Engine Ignition Toggle (kinda important if you want the thing to move)
  • Space - Horn (literally useless, spam it next to someone and annoy them or something, idgaf)
  • R - I don't think does anything
  • F - I don't think does anything
  • 1 and 2 (Above QWERTY) - Selects Ammo, you have APHE and HE, go blow things up, high blast
  • Mouse 1 - Fire the Gun
  • Mouse 2 - Unlock/Lock the turret
  • E - Allows you to get the hell out and run before the thing goes off like a nuclear bomb
That should be everything, just an FYI, it's paper, it's slow, and has a crapload of recoil, it's not meant to brawl with people, use it wisely or don't, i don't care to be honest.

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