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This part of my anime rigging projects. This is so Cloud from Final Fantasy VII imported.
You NED PMOD for the player model function. I have done some new in the way of install. You just need to put in put in yore addon folder and ping it is ready. Tell me if there is any problems.
I don't take any credit for making the model. I just have rig it with Hl2 rig. So now it is work as a player model and NPC if you use Model Manipulator. There will be update on the pictures the next coming days.
We need a Cloud's sword as a Sweps :P
  • Cloud FF/
    • info.txt
    • materials/
      • cloud/
        • eyeball_l.vmt
        • eyeball_l.vtf
        • eyeball_r.vmt
        • eyeball_r.vtf
        • Part1.vmt
        • Part1.vtf
        • Part2.vmt
        • Part2.vtf
        • Part3.vmt
        • Part3.vtf
        • Part4.vmt
        • Part4.vtf
        • pupil_l.vtf
        • pupil_r.vtf
    • models/
      • cloud.dx80.vtx
      • cloud.dx90.vtx
      • cloud.mdl
      • cloud.phy
      • cloud.sw.vtx
      • cloud.vvd
      • player/
        • cloudp.dx80.vtx
        • cloudp.dx90.vtx
        • cloudp.mdl
        • cloudp.phy
        • cloudp.sw.vtx
        • cloudp.vvd