Cargo Truck by Bob

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This truck is built using PHX and vanilla props. It is fully parented, has an ACF engine, an eight-speed gearbox, and hi/lo range selector (Alt key to toggle). It includes some useful e2s which you're free to use for whatever you want and share with whoever you want. 

To Install: Place the .txt file into your Advanced Duplicator 2 folder.

Throttle:             W
Brake:                  S
Steering:             A/D
Shift Up:             Mouse1
Shift Down:       Mouse2
Hi/Lo Range:     Alt
Reverse Gear:   R

To start the truck, enable the "Active" button on the dash, then click the ignition button, which looks like a key. You can click these buttons while in the seat using Mouse1. The "Charge" button enables the air brake system. The "Air" button activates the air brakes. The cargo container has collisions enabled, and so do the ramps. By pressing the green button on the side of the cargo container, you can open the rear gate and drive cars into it which you can then haul around. Be sure to enable the air brakes to help with loading. To close the gate, just press the green button again.

This truck is part of my "Pub Dupe Tribute" series. This series of vehicles is intentionally made in the style of public dupes found on this site and in the stock "Duplicator" tool in game. It may be a little rough, but that is kind of the point with this series. More vehicles will be uploaded in the future. Enjoy!

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