HK-6 MKI ACF Powered HoverTank by Serif

I have been building and perfecting these for quite some time now, but I have recently decided to release the technology in a working public tank after much demand from passers by.

This is an ACF/Fin propeller Powered Hover Tank developed by me with the help of Ooleg and ALMS for the simple E2's to control it.

This tank weighs 54 Tonnes and is held aloft via 4 propellers driven by two medium turbine engines. The run time is heavily dependent on throttle usage but can run for approximately 10 minutes before needing to be refueled. The craft is capable of traveling over Land and Water, and climbing inclines with increased throttle. Should engine power cut out; it is capable of floating in the water to act as a makeshift boat.

The Hover Chassis design is made to be very simple and efficient. The hover is achieved through a physics based counterweight system. Underneath the craft there are 4 ball shaped counterweights attached via 3 ropes to each non intersecting corner. The hovercraft is tuned to be able to effortlessly lift it's own body but not quite enough to lift the counterweights underneath, leaving them to drag along behind the tank. Due to the nature of the counterweight system, a good deal of weight budget is spent on the hover propulsion system its self. So armoring tends to be weaker on these tanks.
The true purpose of the tanks is mobility over being a damage sponge however, so choose your strategy wisely.

Think of this solution like a Balloon with a weight tied to the end of the string. Keeps it at the right height, without floating away.

Just put this file inside your garrysmod\garrysmod\data\advdupe2   folder, And have fun.
This contraption requires the following addons:
HL2 Ep-2
ADV Ball-Socket

If you have any questions or requests, hit me up on the GGG Garry's Mod Servers.
Novgorod -
Toshkent -
Baikonur -

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