Example CTMC Chassis by [EmP] DEF

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Five chassis showing the different possible setups using CTMP.

1. Get three Weld-Latches:
One that is attached from a left wheel and wired to LeftWL.
One that is attached from a right wheel and wired to RightWL.
One that is attached between two wheels on the opposite side of each other, wired to InterWL.

2. Get a speed-o-meter with Split outputs to XYZ checked, and place it with the needle facing the rear of the tank.

3. Wire stuff
(From Chip)
PodController and PodControllerE both go to pod
RPM1 and RPM2 go to the two different engines RPM (if you have more or just one, wire both to the same engine).
Speedo_Y goes to the Speedometer's Y output.
Don't worry about Base and AngVel_Y.

(From other stuff)
Wire Gear from your main gearbox to either LeftGear or RightGear (If you have two main GBs, be sure to wire them to specifics, so the left one goes to LeftGear)
IF YOU HAVE A CVT AND WANT TO USE CUSTOM RATIOS wire Ratio from the CVT to Ratio on the chip.
Wire Left Clutch and Right Clutch from the gearbox to LeftClutch and RightClutch on the chip (If you're using transfer cases, use the clutches on those, being conscious of which track they go to).
^^^Do the same for the brakes (sometimes, you may need to re-wire the clutches to their opposite output).
IF YOU USE TRANSFER CASES wire Gear on it to LeftTC or RightTC (similar to LeftGear and RightGear, order only matters if you have two).
LoHiTC can eat a dicc for now.
Wire Throttle from the engine to Throttle on the chip.
Don't forget to wire Weld-Latches
The rest of the outputs are things I use for debug; Ignore them!

4. Setup
This is were I leave you, everything is commented. If you need further assistance, I plan on finalizing the chip soon and making a dedicated video tutorial on using this as it's just not beginner-friendly and caters to more advanced tank building.
fucc the max Char limit

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        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • ExampleChassis <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • ExampleChassis/
    • EX 6_2.txt
    • EX 6_2_NS.txt
    • EX 7_1_NS.txt
    • EX 8_8_RFD.txt
    • EX 8_8_RFD_NS.txt