Markku 'Mark' Siltanen by V92

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Hey, I found a corpse.

That's not funny Mark

A custom-made model of the player character from INFRA, Markku 'Mark' Siltanen, senior engineer at the National Consulting Group in Stahlberg, Finland.

Tasked with documenting damages in Stahlberg's infrastructure, Mark soon finds himself in a battle for his life with the deep-rooted schemes of the past...

If you haven't played INFRA, it's a Source game with major map design by Oskutin, creator of many well-known outdoor roleplay maps. INFRA is available here! Go buy it, and play it because it's a fantastic game!

Want Mark, but also his camera, torch, and many other useful props from INFRA? Click here!

The shaders on his high-visibility stripes actually reflect pretty well considering I don't have access to the L4D2-style reflective belts used on the road crew zombies.

Includes a couple of body groups, and combo arms.

INFRA @ first-person arm texture
V92 @ Model hack, Lua, textures

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